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  • Why Take A Course

While planning a wedding is an important task, it is even more important to make plans for the longer lasting celebration that is marriage. Your wedding is one day – the marriage is the rest of your lives. A pre-marriage preparation course is an opportunity to identify your hopes and dreams for the future, identify strength and growth areas in your relationship, and to get into the habit of keeping the lines of communication open and effective.

Couples who do not address critical issues such as finances, religion, family, etc., risk running into serious disagreements that could derail their lifelong journey. Pre-marriage courses can help couples uncover important issues that they may be uncomfortable discussing by themselves and provide ways of addressing these issues effectively before they become a problem. Our goal is to get couples to shift from the engagement stage to being ready to build a successful marriage. Pre-marriage courses put couples through exercises and challenges to get a sense of whether they have what it takes to make the relationship work.

Our pre-marriage preparation course uses tried and tested principles to give couples the tools they need when they hit the inevitable roadblocks that married life presents. As well, when couples do meet those roadblocks, a pre-marriage course will ideally have trained them to shift their focus from “who did what” to “how can we draw upon our resources to work through it together?” Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the problems we face, but rather how we handle them that determines how well we will negotiate marriage. Successful marriages are ones in which both partners take responsibility for their actions and contribute fully to making their relationship work.

  • Awareness
    We provide couples with the opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of key marital issues and to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to strengthen their relationship.
  • Goal
    Our goal is to help couples maximize their potential for developing mutually satisfying relationships on which to build lasting marriages and healthy families.
  • Studies
    Numerous studies show that couples who attend marriage preparation courses and/or counseling increase their ability to resolve differences, and are more ready to seek professional help before their relationships face serious difficulties.
  • Topics
    We cover such topics as:
    Communication Skills
    Conflict Resolution Skills
    Family of Origin Issues
    Financial Issues
    Intimacy & Sexuality
    Values & Beliefs
    Personal, Couple, and Family Goals
  • Couples Questionnaire
    Couple questionnaires or couple inventories are not tests. There are no right or wrong answers. Each individual will answer questions touching on all aspects of married life. The responses are compared with not only each other's, but also to exhaustive counseling research. The resulting comprehensive report is an inventory of your couple strengths or building blocks, and challenges or stumbling stones. Together with the facilitator the report will be reviewed. Using the Building a Stronger Marriage Workbook, a strategy for overcoming stumbling stones by using building blocks will be developed to build a more vital and satisfying relationship
  • Tools
    We utilize a number of tools in this process, including: The internationally recognized Prepare/Enrich Inventories program- a 165 question questionnaire assessing relationship strength and growth areas in 15 categories.
  • Credentials
    We bring over 20 years of experience into our marriage preparation sessions. We also have over 20 years of experience in using the Prepare/Enrich curriculum.
  • Time Commitment
    Our program includes four - 1 hour sessions. The first step is the completion of a 165 question inventory (which may be done online). This inventory will then be used to customize your following four sessions. Each of your sessions can be scheduled for times that fit well into your own personal calendars.

The price for this course is $425.00

There is an additional fee of $29.95 (US funds) for the online inventory, which is paid by each couple online.

For more information contact Rosanne Prevett-Lead Relationship Coach at:
phone: 519.207.0975