Renewal Vows Resources

Whether you are celebrating a special anniversary or just want to declare your love and commitment to each other again, a renewal of vows celebration is a great idea. We have had the privilege of sharing this special moment with many couples over the years and are able to give you some great ideas on how to make this a celebration you will always remember.


  The word renaissance means rebirth; today we celebrate the rebirth of our commitment before this honoured gathering. _________________, with full confidence in the solid anchor of our love, I take you once again as my (husband/wife). (a)


  Once before I have stood with you before family and friends; once again I take your hand as my partner. ________________, I take you this day and for all days as my (husband/wife) (b)


 I believe in this marriage more strongly than ever. ______________, it is with joy born of experience and trust that I commit myself once again to be your (husband/wife) (c)


 Perhaps the only thing truer than one's first love is to recommit to that love before family and friends.

______________, you were and are my love for life; I take you from this day forward as my (husband/wife) (d)


  I,______________, give to you,____________________, a new promise and yet not so new; a new (husband/wife), and yet not so new; and a new affirmation of love from the heart that has loved you for (x) years and will love you for as many more as God allots to it. (e)