Rehearsal Tips Resources

Rehearsals are becoming less frequent and necessary. We find our presence is usually not required for the logistics involved.  We have provided the following information for those who wish to have a rehearsal, but do not want the added expense of our services.


 Check with venue as to availability. Many places have other events booked for Friday evenings.


 Invite only the necessary people: bride, groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, parents. Trust us, this will save a lot of time and confusion. Meet with everyone else later at a rehearsal party.


 Decide if your guests will be seated by ushers or seat themselves.


 Reserve front rows for parents and immediate family.  If following tradition, the groom’s family is on the right-hand side (facing the front), and the bride’s family is on the left-hand side.


 Decide on a processional format. Will the men be at the front with the groom, or walk up as couples with the bridesmaids? Will the flower girl/ring bearer walk up before the bridesmaids or in front of the bride? Will the standing order for the groomsmen/bridesmaids be by height or other factors? Will the groom come forward part way to meet the bride and walk up, or meet her at the front?


 Decide whether or not you will have live or recorded music, and who will be in charge of playing recorded music - DJ or friend or family member. If you are having music, you will need at least four pieces: processional - bridesmaids; processional - bride; while signing the license; recessional.


 If anyone other than the Officiant is doing a reading, or if anyone is singing, decide where they will stand.  Will there be a microphone - where will they pick it up and set it down?


 If it is a large hall, or especially if it is an outdoor wedding, we strongly advise having a microphone for the Officiant and anyone with a speaking or singing part. Ask the venue management or the DJ, if you are having a DJ at the ceremony, if they are able to provide this service.


 After signing the license, announcements, and the presentation as husband and wife, the recessional music will start and the bride and groom walk out, followed by the ushers and bridesmaids paired up and walking out one couple at a time.


 The woman signs her present legal last name (surname) on the marriage license. If she is planning to change her last name, she can use her groom’s last name after the ceremony.


 Relax and enjoy. Once you are at the front, we will guide you the rest of the way.