Memorial Candle Resources

If you would like to include a special moment in lighting a candle for a lost loved one, you can do so during the Unity Candle Ceremony.

 Light a Memorial Candle.

If you want to include grandparents or parents that you have lost before you light your Unity Candle, you may want to think about adding this to your ceremony: provide a table at or near the front of the ceremony venue. On it, place a Memorial Candle in tribute to your loved ones. Ask your Officiant to include them at the beginning of the candle-lighting ceremony. For example, "Before (Bride) and (Groom) light a candle to symbolize their union, they will light a candle in honor of (Loved One), whom they dearly miss, and who they know is present with them here today." Then, light the Memorial Candle, ask the Officiant to say a prayer, then move to the altar to light your Unity Candle. Another way to honor loved ones is to light a Memorial Candle, then place a rose in front of the candle in memoriam.

 Light Taper Candles In Memoriam.

 It is traditional to have one or both parents light the individual tapers for their children before the bride and groom light the Unity Candle. If one or both of your parents is deceased, there are several ways to honor them. First, you the bride or groom can light the taper yourself and ask the Officiant to acknowledge the act before you light the Unity Candle. You may also think of using candelabras, and having sisters, brothers, or other family members light a candle for each relative that is no longer with you.

 More Memorial Ideas

  Have a special moment in the ceremony when all your family members can come forward and light candles in memorial of loved ones.

  As a beautiful reminder and also a keepsake of your wedding, have a Memorial Candle printed with your     loved one's name on it.