Benedictions Resources

  The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and grant you peace. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. (a)


  We ask that the Holy Spirit of love may deepen the lives of ___________ and _________. May the relationship, which today has been expressed, continue to grow in the years to come. And whatever changes time may bring, let this wedding ceremony remain as a treasured memory and a guide to life. May they always experience that breathless wonder that exclaims: "Out of all this world, YOU have chosen ME. "When life is done and the sun is setting, may they be found then as now, still hand in hand, still thanking you for each other. Amen (b)


  __________and __________, you have now affirmed before your families and friends your love and your caring for each other.  You have come from different backgrounds.  You have walked different paths.  You are different individuals.  Your love has transcended these differences.  In the years before you, may the richness of the traditions that have nurtured you enhance and brighten your lives as you help to create and shape the future.

May the challenges of your life be met with courage and optimism.  May you learn from your failures and grow in your achievements.  May life bless you with children, friends, and family in a wide network of mutual support and enjoyment.  May you face pain, toil, and trouble with a stout but light heart.  May you share with others the radiance of your seasons of joy and pleasure.

May the spirit of love be ever a part of your lives so that the union we here celebrate this day be worthy of continued celebration tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. (c)


  Most gracious God:  We thank you for the beauty of this moment.  Send your richest blessing upon (name of bride) and (name of groom), whom we bless in your name, that they may love, honor, and cherish each other, amid the ever-changing scenes of this life.  Look favorably upon them, that their home may be a haven of blessing and a place of peace.  Grant them fullness of years so that they may see their children’s children.  Guide them by the wise counsel of your word, and when their earthly life is complete, give them entrance into your everlasting kingdom. (d)


  By your free choice you have made a marriage. No matter what the demands on your lives and your time, The meaning of your living is now known through your love. You must nurture each other to fullness

and wholeness. Renew yourselves In love and laughter. Maintain the capacity for wonder, spontaneity,

humor, sensitivity, and save time for each other, to love each other more deeply and learn to love more fully the Creation in which the mystery of love happens.  Amen (e)


  You are now wed. May you always remain sweethearts, helpmates, and friends. May your life together be full of kindness and understanding, thoughtfulness and rejoicing. May the years bring you happiness and contentment. May you enter into each other’s sorrow by sympathy, into each other’s joy with gladness, Into each other’s hope with faith and trust, Into each other’s need with the sure presence of love, Into each other’s lives with enthusiasm and embracing. Amen (f)


  In joining your lives may God grant you both...Love... to afford each other a special quality of time together. Joy... in the accomplishments of one another. Understanding...that your interests and desires
will not always be the same. Friendship...based on mutual trust. speak of a misunderstanding
and to work on a solution before the setting of the sun. comfort each other in pain and sorrow. realize rainbows follow rainy days. keep with you part of the child you used to be. Mirth...from your sense of humor. live each day with the knowledge
that there is no promise of tomorrow. May God bless you and keep you in the Palm of His hand.


  Gracious God, richly bless ______________ and _______________in the promises that they have made to each other. Grant that the courtesies, the thoughtfulness, and the self giving which already
have laid the foundation for their love, build the home which is raised on it. May they be loyal and engaging companions to each other, and may they be loving and wise parents. And in this world
where there is much disillusion and disappointment...where love brings delight and also wounding in the frailty of our ways...make them a visible symbol of the love that does not wane when the evening comes but is fresh with each new day. And as you bless this special couple this day, bless each union represented here. Forgive us where we have not been good news and glad days for each other. Perfect our imperfect love with the joy that comes from above, and may we grow ourselves and grow in affirmation of the other. May the Lord bless you and take care of you: May the Lord be kind and gracious to you: May the Lord look on you with favour and give you peace.


  The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy spirit be with you. Amen (i)


  May you always find peace in your home.

May you always be faithful to one another.

May you always stay flexible enough to listen and consider each other's opinion.

May you always find ways to strengthen your bond with one another. May you be fully aware that one person is unable to fill all the needs of the other. May you continue to discover similar interests.

May you appreciate each other's good qualities and always focus on the positive.

May your affection for one another never cease, but instead continue to grow - becoming a deeper, richer, and never-ending love.  (j)


  May life bring you beautiful moments full of togetherness and love that leave you with memories to warm your souls for many years to come.

May you discover new ways to appreciate the great gifts you have as a couple.

May you have all the time you want to enjoy the magic and wonder of your love.

May you look ahead with the faith and confidence that the coming years will be your best ever.

Most of all, may you share all this for as long as you live and love together.  (k)