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   The personal side of Trish

  • Mother to Mariah , Brianne and Max  the three most amazing children a mother could have
  • Born and raised in the London Area
  • Have 2 sisters and 2 brothers
  • Numerous Nieces and Nephews
  • Played many sports growing up, baseball, basketball & track
  • My Father was my teacher, principal & coach
  • Played clarinet in high school
  • Sang in choirs
  • Friend
  • Love steak dinners
  • Love night out with friends and trying new restaurants and new menu items
  • Love Indian Food
  • Love taking walks and enjoying nature
  • Love to read novels
  • I would love to run a marathon with my daughter
  • I would love to travel more!

   The professional side of Trish

  • I am a Business owner
  • I am a co-owner of Kettle Creek Weddings
  • Am a part of the most successful wedding officiant company in Canada, Kettle Creek Weddings
  • Have Officiated at many ceremonies
  • Have helped many couples plan an amazing ceremony
  • I have been involved in organizing many events
  • I have been a production manager at a manufacturing company 

   The passionate side of Trish

  • I am passionate about creating a loving home atmosphere
  • I am passionate about people
  • I am passionate about friendships
  • I am passionate about taking time to enjoy and be in the moment
  • I am passionate about being the best in all I do
  • I am passionate about being an inspiration to others when I speak
  • I am passionate about learning from other and trying new things